In order to grant free entry for inbound personal effects to France, the customs office requires proof of a transfer of primary residence after a stay abroad of over 12 months. These rules and regulations are also valid for EU citizens.


If your relocation is due to a job transfer or new job contract, please ask the Human Resources department for an employer’s statement with the following information :

• Period of stay abroad (minimum 1 year)
• Your address abroad
• Reason of your employment in France (end of contract, promotion, etc.)
• Your address in France (even temporary)


• A residence transfer certificate (Certificat de Changement de Résidence) issued by the French consulate or Embassy at origin. This is the recommended document to ensure duty-free entry.

If you cannot supply one of the above two documents, then your move is considered as a secondary residence. The French customs authorities will claim duties and taxes on the value you declare. EU citizens must provide the same documents, as the shipments are coming from outside the European Union.

The other documents needed are :

• Your passport copy, photo page
• Valued inventory in French and in Euros, date and signed (form attached)
• Non-resale bond, dated and signed (« certificat de non-cession »), indicating the same value as the one on your valued inventory
• Proof of residence in France (Please see below list)
• Original registration documents for any vehicle as well as bill of sale copy

This item can take many forms. The documents accepted by the customs office are as follows :

• Electricity bill (EDF) or gas bill (GDF) or Phone bill (land line)
• Lease copy
• Deed or other notarized purchase act / statement by notary of property purchase
Tax slip/Avis d’imposition – revenue, rental tax/taxe d’habitation, property tax/taxes foncières
• Home insurance statement
• Temporary lodging statement (Hotel residence)

If you are being housed by another person or family member, that person must attest to the same as a separate signed statement, and also provide one of the above documents in his/her name, accompanied by a photo ID.


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